He studies at the KtH Architecture, at the University of Stockholm and at the University of Ferrara. In 2003 he establishes diverserighestudio where he develops the guidelines of the project and carries out multidisciplinary research activity attempting to make visible the meeting of knowledge, seeking a continuous dialogue between architectural theory and practise. He is dedicated to a humanistic branch questioning himself on time and space, on icons and symbol, on will and desire, on perception and reality, having preferences on doubt to better understand the forces which determinates the architectural thought. He conceives composition as a dynamic relation between theme and program, a relationship-wise aesthetics where underground knowledge arises able to realize tangible considerations, useful to the urban philosophy applied to the project; social innovation as a strategic challenge for the diffusion of culture in the development of urban contexts. Yet Teacher of Architecture and Architectural Composition at the Alma Mater Studiuorum in Bologna he deepens his studies thanks to an experience in the UK, first in Edinburgh then in London. Since 2012 he is Professor of Theory of the Contemporary Architectural Research.

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Skype: simone.gheduzzi